You Tube Is It for Your Business

I get this question asked quite a bit. The answer to this question has changed over the years. I use to say that it depended on the type of business. Now I cannot think of any business that would not prosper from using a You Tube channel to increase their visibility. You Tube, which is owned by Google, is the second most active search engine after Google’s search. People like the stickiness of videos. Now that mobile is taking over the internet presence of most users, videos make perfect sense. A lot folks would rather view something then read it.

So what does the average business have to offer in a video? Meeting the owner is a good start. Testimonials are always great. One of my client, Joel Braun Construction, used his smart phone to show the before and after of a bathroom reconstruction and then interviewed the owner. He captured all the important aspects in three minutes. Added the video to Facebook as well as his You Tube channel and web site. We made sure to add some descriptive keywords to You Tube’s description.

Another client of ours, Lang Smoker Cookers, has been very successful using video. I was at his farm in Georgia when I mentioned to him that we had several request regarding starting a fire in the Lang Smoker Cooker. Ben Lang added wood to a smoker; I pulled out my smartphone and videotaped him starting a fire. I added it to his new You Tube channel and imbedded it in his site and newsletter. Within 3 months we had over 60,000 views. We realized that we had hit on a great way to stay in front of both prospective and current clients. We then added channels for user testimonials, tips and cooking school. In the three years, that we have been using these channels, we have had over 1.5 million views.

The point is that anyone can do the same thing using a smart phone or doing something a little more professional with a videotographer. Think about your clients or someone you would like to have as a client. Talk to them on the video as if they were there

The last point I will add is, if you have a business that can offer tips on how to fix or install something, these are great.  I used this type of video to fix my storm door to learning how to add a chart to Excel.

Very Powerful Suff.

Growing Your Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is your digital identity on the Internet. And your Internet properties will help grow this digital footprint.

What does this mean? It means that when the Internet first started you needed to create a website to be part of the Internet. However it was not always easy to find your or your business, your products or services. Continue reading

Is Your Website Current?

If you don’t update you aren’t current
Updating is critical in creating a current and complete website. Introducing a new product? Win an award? Been on TV? Have newsworthy announcements? Change of personnel? Create a new department? We need to know.

Stagnant website
A stagnant website also known as a brochure website can be detected by the search engines instantaneously. If a website hasn’t be updated in ages, it’s difficult for the search engines to determine if your business is active or out-of-business.

Website visitors will get the impression that the business is dated and possibly inactive. In today’s instant information and gratification world that is the last thing you want  your website to portray.

It used to be that a website that was well designed and had the right phone numbers and product information was the standard. It isn’t any more. If you aren’t on social media you are behind. If your site doesn’t provide really good video, you are behind, etc. If your business wants to be first rate, start funneling information to your web manager and watch your site, the place where your business sells what you have to offer, come alive.

Author: Cathy Derechailo, SEO Copy Writer

Press Releases: Why Everyone Thinks They Can Write Them

Yes, There Really is a Need for a Professional to do the Job

Online Press ReleasesWhy Pay Someone Else?
This is a subject near and dear to my heart. In business, for the longest time, everyone assumed that the job of Public Relations is a job anyone could do. It wasn’t, and isn’t, unusual to see someone with no background in media relations to be asked to do them.

Why pay someone to write a media release when we can do it ourselves? Ah, but therein lies the problem. Continue reading

The importance of full disclosure

Sounds important and a bit legal doesn’t it? Well, it is important but it has nothing to do with legalities. It has to do with providing all the information you possibly can to the manager of your website.

You may say “but I do provide them with information about our company”. That may be true, but do you provide all the information necessary. This article is meant to point out that there can be the “sin” of omission.

Author: Cathy Derechailo, SEO Copy Writer

When Driving the Creative Title” Highway”, Keep to the Left!

SEO, Title Tags, Meta Tags, Descriptions and Key Words…Huh?

stressed adding meta titles for SEO

Author: Cathy Derechailo, SEO Copy Writer

I admit it. After 40 years of writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copy writing presented a challenge. This SEO thing was a different way to approach creating titles in something called a Title Tag and the more familiar meta tags; descriptions and key words.

Putting titles together so search engines will bring visitors to your web pages is where the challenge comes in. If you don’t have an issue creating titles and meta tag for your web pages read no further, but if you do, this article might be for you. Continue reading

A complete website

Because we are in an era where our electronic information can make or break us, understanding what makes a complete website is more important than ever. Complete means several things.

If you sell a product, the importance of providing a full description of each product including a picture, specs, etc. is essential. You may think that is a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many big companies fail to provide one aspect of the needed information. In some cases it delays or prevents the product page from being completed in a timely fashion, in which case it can’t be posted on the site.

Author: Cathy Derechailo, SEO Copy Writer