Free Web Sites * You Get What You Pay For

As the owner of a 20 year old web design, marketing and hosting company on the internet, I have seen it all. The one offer that stays around is the free web site. It is used, of course, to get you to sign up and get a free simple web site. It is a great opportunity for the beginner or is it? The biggest issue with these types of site is it a “do it yourself” set up. “Great!” you say but is it? These types of sites are templates that add the code in the background for you. The problem is this type of code is very heavy with extra coding because it is a templated site that builds on its own. A designer writes page coding to be simple and easy to read and change. OK, so now you have this site, it looks good and you are pushing traffic to it. A chance of being found as an unbranded product or service is tough. Yup, they all say they will promote it for you. Ask any internet marketing person and they will tell you that it is a consistent updating process to satisfy the major search engines. And if you are trying to get more than local exposure it is much tougher.

Generally, the next step, if you want results or if the free site after a year is no longer free, you decide it is time to move to a more professional hosting company. Here is where it gets a little tougher. Trying to do it yourself can be a real hassle. You must be sure to move to the same platform and depending on the type of template and coding, it may not move well at all. This, of course, means a redesign to some degree by a professional who can modify the existing site.

All in all, if you are serious then the best way to do it is to start with a professional design. It may not be free but chances are expanding, marketing and moving become much easier and cheaper.

Jim Mahlmann

NetCetra LLC

Mobilized Web Sites

Now that over 50% of all web site views are done from smart phones. Tablets in the US are at around 10% and outside the US; tablets are around 50 – 60%. Businesses are beginning to learn this information and are having their site “mobilized”.

Businesses should remember that there are two types of mobile sites, mobile sites and responsive sites.

The first type is a mobile site (.mobi) that is separate from the desk top version. That means it needs additional content and must be modified separately from the main site. So it takes twice the time to update.

The second type is called a “responsive mobile web site”. This takes the original web site and changes the programming to make it respond to the size of the screen and set up appropriately. This, of course, means that you have only one web site and changes are done once. It also presents the content better and does not require going to the full web site to get content. Some think this is very impracticable when you are viewing on a smart phone. It defeats the purpose.

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Is Your Website Current?

If you don’t update you aren’t current
Updating is critical in creating a current and complete website. Introducing a new product? Win an award? Been on TV? Have newsworthy announcements? Change of personnel? Create a new department? We need to know.

Stagnant website
A stagnant website also known as a brochure website can be detected by the search engines instantaneously. If a website hasn’t be updated in ages, it’s difficult for the search engines to determine if your business is active or out-of-business.

Website visitors will get the impression that the business is dated and possibly inactive. In today’s instant information and gratification world that is the last thing you want  your website to portray.

It used to be that a website that was well designed and had the right phone numbers and product information was the standard. It isn’t any more. If you aren’t on social media you are behind. If your site doesn’t provide really good video, you are behind, etc. If your business wants to be first rate, start funneling information to your web manager and watch your site, the place where your business sells what you have to offer, come alive.

Author: Cathy Derechailo, SEO Copy Writer

The importance of full disclosure

Sounds important and a bit legal doesn’t it? Well, it is important but it has nothing to do with legalities. It has to do with providing all the information you possibly can to the manager of your website.

You may say “but I do provide them with information about our company”. That may be true, but do you provide all the information necessary. This article is meant to point out that there can be the “sin” of omission.

Author: Cathy Derechailo, SEO Copy Writer

A complete website

Because we are in an era where our electronic information can make or break us, understanding what makes a complete website is more important than ever. Complete means several things.

If you sell a product, the importance of providing a full description of each product including a picture, specs, etc. is essential. You may think that is a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many big companies fail to provide one aspect of the needed information. In some cases it delays or prevents the product page from being completed in a timely fashion, in which case it can’t be posted on the site.

Author: Cathy Derechailo, SEO Copy Writer