Is your web site under attack?

Of course it is. Most web sites are under attack by many different forms of spiders and bots. You should maintain a good relationship with your provider. Check all your monitor specs either directly or question support to discover if there are any weaknesses. Forms are a favorite target to spam through. Make sure you have a Captura button or some kind of human interaction required.
If you are using a WordPress site, make sure you have one good security plug-in like WP All in One set up and running correctly. ALWAYS update your plugins to the latest versions. Some are for security and some are for better performance.
Always remove email addresses and their mailbox if you have not used them in a while. This is a favorite way for spammers to send tons of spam out and then your good email address will be black listed if it is the same domain name.
Some people will use FTP permissions to make changes. When dormant for too long be sure to remove or make the password very difficult.
These are all the basic things you need to monitor regularly to protect your site, business and reputation as well as your fellow internet users.

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Growing Your Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is your digital identity on the Internet. And your Internet properties will help grow this digital footprint.

What does this mean? It means that when the Internet first started you needed to create a website to be part of the Internet. However it was not always easy to find your or your business, your products or services. Continue reading

Sony Hack – How easy it was!

I just read the report about the Sony breach and that the compromise came from an email message to a Sony executive that looked like a genuine message from a familiar contact. It was not and it had an executable link that drop the malware on that person’s PC. Once in at that level, they searched for the IT director’s PC. This person would have access to everything on the network. We saw this same exact action occur in a large professional firm locally.

NEVER click on any link or attachment unless you are 100% certain that you should have received it. Call the party in the message if you are not sure. Some of the scams we are seeing right now are:

  • Best Buy message regarding the product you bought
  • UPS schedule link
  • Utility enquiry

Trust no one and review this information with everyone on your network. Size does not matter to these people. They are after information or money or both. Spam filters and antivirus software work just so well. You must always be vigilant and if in doubt TRASH IT!!!

Jim Mahlmann

Semalt Hijacks Computers to Launch a Referrer Spam Campaign

Chances are by now you’ve heard about “Semalt,” a dubious, self-proclaimed SEO tool, its unscrupulous behavior already having caused concern to many website owners. In what appears to be a large-scale, referrer spam campaign, Semalt is most commonly accused of ignoring ‘robots.txt’ directives and overbearing servers with a slew of suspicious-looking requests.

If you see a big spike in traffic in your analytics report ask you design firm to do the following: (If you are a NetCetra client just email and I will

To block from visiting your site and making havoc with your statistics add this to the end of your .htaccess file….

SetEnvIfNoCase Via evil-spam-proxy spammer=yes SetEnvIfNoCase Referer spammer=yes SetEnvIfNoCase Referer evil-spam-keyword spammer=yes SetEnvIfNoCase Via pinappleproxy spammer=yes SetEnvIfNoCase Referer spammer=yes SetEnvIfNoCase Referer poker spammer=yes Order allow,deny Allow from all Deny from env=spammer
Jim Mahlmann

NetCetra LLC

Free Web Sites * You Get What You Pay For

As the owner of a 20 year old web design, marketing and hosting company on the internet, I have seen it all. The one offer that stays around is the free web site. It is used, of course, to get you to sign up and get a free simple web site. It is a great opportunity for the beginner or is it? The biggest issue with these types of site is it a “do it yourself” set up. “Great!” you say but is it? These types of sites are templates that add the code in the background for you. The problem is this type of code is very heavy with extra coding because it is a templated site that builds on its own. A designer writes page coding to be simple and easy to read and change. OK, so now you have this site, it looks good and you are pushing traffic to it. A chance of being found as an unbranded product or service is tough. Yup, they all say they will promote it for you. Ask any internet marketing person and they will tell you that it is a consistent updating process to satisfy the major search engines. And if you are trying to get more than local exposure it is much tougher.

Generally, the next step, if you want results or if the free site after a year is no longer free, you decide it is time to move to a more professional hosting company. Here is where it gets a little tougher. Trying to do it yourself can be a real hassle. You must be sure to move to the same platform and depending on the type of template and coding, it may not move well at all. This, of course, means a redesign to some degree by a professional who can modify the existing site.

All in all, if you are serious then the best way to do it is to start with a professional design. It may not be free but chances are expanding, marketing and moving become much easier and cheaper.

Jim Mahlmann

NetCetra LLC